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Perfect for professionals who are starting out speaking in English at their workplace. The practice sessions with coaches help walk the rope of E...

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Curated for those who are acquainted with English language, this course builds on basic fluency with practice. If you are someone who often uses...

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Expert Communication

Ideal for professionals who can express ideas in English effortlessly but want to take their articulation to the next level! Our coaches help exp...

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Business Communication

This is a mixed bag of communication practice sessions which delves into various sections of professional communication. If you are looking to pr...

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Leadership Communication

Ideal for leaders who want to build on their communication skills to inspire their team members. Our coaches help practice various scenarios wher...

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Workplace Communication

Managing communication in certain situations can get complex, we often find ourselves in doubt of what would be the right approach in certain sit...

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Improve Fluency in English

We have a diverse range of topics available to improve your English so you can communicate and speak with confidence. We cater to a range of requ...

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Career Advancement

We assist you with your immediate career progression requirements. From helping you develop an effective resume to practicing with you for all...

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At PracUp we believe there is a better way to learn English and develop your communication skills. A more conversational, less instructional way where people learn through practice. Our platforms give you access to coaches who undergo a thorough vetting process and are also trained in house by industry experts which differentiates us from the usual digital platforms. Our coaches focus on understanding your learning needs and practice with you.

In a world where people never stop and personal growth takes a back seat, PracUp provides highly personalized solutions so that you experience exponential growth with a minimal investment of time. Whether you are an employee who wants to master workplace communication, a student wanting to upskill, or just someone to refine your English communication. PracUp has something for everyone.

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We have a range of coaching options for you to choose from. Whether you are a student or a CXO in a corporate, we have something for everyone

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