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Video Conferencing 

Speaking to an audience, large or small, can be a daunting task. When on the platform, the speaker should be getting the attention of the audience while video conferencing. You need to take care of a lot of things, and both verbal and non-verbal aspects need attention. Your posture, voice, dictionary, pronunciation, eye contact and hand/body movements.

Lockdown changed things and put things in perspective. Social Distancing and Isolation have highlighted Homework and Video Conferencing. Companies work with their employees using digital methods. When you do not work under the same roof, maintaining regular contact with your subordinates is essential to stay in touch, maintain healthy working relationships and take updates on daily progress in the workplace.

Naturally, the student community is also at home. College and exams are delayed until further notice and as a result, they have more time on their hands. Professional trainers and public speakers working with students run Webinars to help students stay confident, and motivated and learn something in their free time.

Whether you are dealing with staff or students, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, it is twice as difficult to keep the attention of your audience while video conferencing. So special efforts are needed.

How to engage your audience in a virtual presentation/Video Conferencing?

Speak loudly and clearly

One must speak loudly, and try to be as straightforward as possible. Speaking clearly is important as the audience will be easily able to understand what you are speaking about.

Use Voice Modulation

Speaking in a monotone can cause your audience to disengage. Intonation plays a part and parcel role to have a positive impact on the audience.

Check your Internet Connectivity and Equipment twice before starting a session or meeting.

Technical difficulties can cause people to disengage, after which it becomes difficult to win their attention. Make sure you check these things before the call so that you don't have to face trouble during the session.

Maximize Audience Engagement-

Do it by creating a feedback loop to make sure that you and your audience are on the same page and actively engaged. Ask Questions during the session rather than at the end to engage them and grab their attention. Pause and ask questions and for this, prepare the questions before the call.

Keep your body language in check-

While Video Conferencing Body language plays a crucial role when you are presenting something online or offline, make sure you keep your body language in check. Unnecessary movement and fidgeting can be distracting.

Check the audience‘s attention time and again while sharing the screen-

If you are sharing your screen or using a visual aid, call your audience’s attention to it regularly. 

Be considerate of the fact that your audience may be using different devices.

Phones, Laptops, Personal Computers. Make sure your content is accessible across platforms. Given the notoriously short attention span of today’s young generation, presenters will have to go the extra mile to see that they are heard. 

Engaging your audience during video conferencing is important as always remember that it is about them to grab their attention while speaking. Use the above tips to engage your audience and have a positive impact on your audience.


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