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"Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have” is the common piece of advice scattered around the internet when you search for professional grooming tips. But why is it so important when the internet also states that one should dress up for themselves and not others, henceforth contradicting its own statement? Because grooming and dressing up rather has so much to do with how you feel about yourself and how confident you are. It is a common understanding that confidence matters just as much as intelligence or skills for getting ahead in life. By being confident, you project an image that everyone wants to be a part of, and that ability to appeal to people is a highly useful skill.

What is the need for grooming and etiquette?

Personal grooming is a must in any career path especially, in the corporate and hospitality sectors. It is an essential part of corporate etiquette. Most professions are all about personality, enthusiasm, charisma, and caring nature. Most jobs are highly demanding and skills are not enough to endure this competitive world. In conclusion, everyone does something they mustn't do "judging a book by its cover". So it is likely to feel a little intimidated when not groomed properly. Do not panic, here are some tips that might help you look professionally groomed.

There are three basic elements of personal grooming and etiquette

  1. Personal hygiene
  2. Dressing neatly
  3. Manners and business etiquette


1. Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is the most important aspect of personal grooming and etiquette. Some tips to maintain your personal hygiene are as follows:

  •  If you are not clean and smell no one will want to be near you.
  •  Ensure body odour is fresh, clean, and pleasant by showering and using cologne if necessary.
  •  Maintain healthy teeth and fresh breath by brushing every day.
  •  Your nails should be clean, neatly trimmed, and shaped. 


2. Dressing neatly

Dressing professionally is an essential part of good business etiquette.

Here are some tips on making sure that you are dressed properly

  • Dress for the audience and the occasion.
  •  For the vast majority of positions, this will mean a smart, conservative suit, however, it is better to do prior research. 
  • Make sure you do not have wrinkled clothes, or worse, stained ones. 
  • Pay attention to details such as polishing your shoes. 
  • If you wear glasses, make sure to clean the lenses. 
  • Women should wear light make-up and keep jewelry to a minimum.


3. Manners and business etiquette

People who don’t follow business etiquette frequently make a poor impression and this may decrease their chances for success. There is some basic workplace etiquette that one must follow. A few of these are as follows,

  • Neatly trim facial hair.
  • Wear light perfume or cologne.
  • Don’t smoke or eat candies and chewing gums inside the office.
  • If you color your hair, maintain it properly and try opting for neutral colors.
  • It is suggested to cover the tattoos if you have any.  


Impact of managing your personal grooming and etiquette well

Professional grooming has always been an important factor in achieving considerable confidence which further helps in effective communication. Personal grooming and etiquette are all about presenting yourself in the best possible way, by focusing on personal hygiene and cleanliness. The way you treat the work environment and more importantly, how you treat yourself speaks volumes about who you are and what your ethics are.

People who maintain the highest levels of neatness and are well-groomed appear to be very well-organized in their work and they maintain a high degree of neatness in their desks. A well-groomed person always makes a positive impact on others. On the contrary, if you aren’t groomed properly it may create an impact that if you cannot take proper care of yourself, how could you possibly take care of the businessGrooming is important not only to look good and presentable but also to feel confident. Following these tips will help you in making a good first impression and enhance corporate relations`

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