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Studied at a professional college, still, find it daunting to adjust in the corporate world? Well, you are not alone. According to the study done by Wiley Education Services and Future Workplace, 64 percent of the 600 HR leaders surveyed said there is a skills gap in their company.  And overcoming this challenge may take a bit of time due to rhythm lag between colleges and corporate. Competition is fierce and making a space for yourself can be tough. But don’t you worry. As here we are introducing you to some tips that can help you to grow professionally.


First the impression is still the last impression- Well, no matter how our thinking has evolved, despite it, this quote still has its relevance. So why not make things seem best at your first shot only? Dress professionally from head to toe. Give your introduction in a clear and crisp manner. Try and connect with other people on some common ground that can help you to reach out at a later stage.


Punctuality-This one such rule that you ought to follow wholeheartedly. It's not just about leaving a decent impact on others, but also, passes on that you value yours just as others time. By any chance if you are getting late for any meeting/call, always inform the other person stating your reason and apology before time.


Email etiquettes – Email is the standard way of communicating in the corporate world. So it’s essential to have knowledge about email writing. Some tips are: never leave the subject field blank, avoid using informal language, check your grammar and keep the message concise and clear.  After drafting an email, ensure to review it once or get it proofread from someone else if possible. And most importantly, reply to your emails promptly.

Observing silently- It is often said that silence is the key to success. Generally, when we can’t see things clearly, simple observation can answer most of our questions. Moreover, patience and silence go hand in hand. Attempt to comprehend things patiently as how they function and do ask questions in case of any query. But don’t keep any doubts to yourself which may bother you later.


Do smarter work than hard work- Hard work may or may not be fruitful. But if you implement a proper strategy and work smartly, nobody can stop you from accomplishing your goals. Plan a proper work schedule, prioritize your tasks, keeping their importance and deadlines in mind and follow it religiously. Don’t forget to apply the Pareto rule. As he said 80% of the work is done by 20% of your efforts only. Identify your peak hours and work accordingly.


Be polite and stay humble – Be it any position, politeness and respectful nature can take you a long way. So why not treat people as you want to be treated. Always carry a smile on your face. Avoid informal and abusive language when you are unaware of your audience, especially in office surroundings.


Learn to say no- It’s no big deal to say ‘no’. But it does matter how you articulate it with reason. Always try to be compassionate and sensitive while refusing to do something as overburdening yourself will ultimately affect your schedule and deadlines. For example, instead of saying you don’t want to do it, just say you can’t do it as you have already so much on your shoulders right now


Accept criticism with a smile- I can relate that nobody likes to be told about their flaws, but working on your flaws is the easiest way of improving oneself. So why not work on it? Try to know their rationale of criticism, feedback, if any and act upon. It can help you to grow professionally.


If you want to improve your self-image professionally, I might say you need to act like a professional first. So what are you waiting for? Try to incorporate these in your daily life and see the enormous change it brings besides changing the perspective of your peers about you.


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