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Do you often worry about what people might think of you? Are you worried about everyone around you judging you when in reality they are not? Do you restrain yourself from putting forward your opinions because you think they are worthless? Do you often feel the knot of nervousness in your stomach when initiating a task? If yes, then you are not alone, there are so many people who feel the same way. But it is not a good thing to not do anything about it just because so many people feel the same. But the good news is that you can work on exuberating your confidence.

If you struggle with confidence around people then here are some tips on how to build confidence- 


  • Confront your fear

Here is something about fear, its only job is to warn and protect you from danger such as a car or industrial safety systems. But also the fear is that they are also something that keeps you from getting out of the box. If you try to build your self-esteem, chances are your fears will slow you down. Just know the fact that all situations are dangerous, and yet we are going through them. Given the choice between crossing a busy street or talking to a crowd, many of us may choose the latter, even though it is riskier. Why is that? It is because you have crossed a road so many times that you are not afraid to cross one which means you have confidence. Now, we can conclude that exercise is all that is needed to build up our confidence. So, before you make your efforts to get used to it, know your fears, and know yourself better which will help you to build confidence.

  • Own your strengths

We all can agree that negativity beats out positivity. A restaurant may have one bad review out of hundreds of good ones, yet the customer would always look out for the bad one to influence their decision. Our brains are naturally programmed to look for bad things and point out mistakes while ignoring the good ones. We tend to look for flaws in others and criticize them. We do the same torturous thing to ourselves too. But now, it’s time to change it and get over that self-loathing phase.

Here are a few tips on how to increase self-confidence-

  • Your self-confidence depends a lot on how you perceive yourself. What you think about yourself is important. 
  • Know your achievements, talents, and advantages.
  • Maintain a to-do list for your tasks. As you meet your targets it will make you feel good about yourself
  • Boost your knowledge by reading and researching the project you are working on.
  • Get feedback from your colleagues and subordinates.
  • Simply allotting time for reminding and reassuring yourself about your strengths and achievements will help you a lot in the process.


Try to help others for building confidence

Well, many people will argue that helping ourselves by helping others doesn’t count as an act of kindness. But we all for a fact that no act of kindness and generosity is selfless. Always try to help your colleagues when you find them with problems. Try to guide the newly joined employees. You might have a selfish agenda in helping out others but there is nothing wrong with helping your juniors at work just to feel good about yourself. Providing yourself with that validation may be something that fuels the confidence you want and it will help you to build confidence.

  • Set achievable goals

If you are facing a lot of challenges about staying positive about yourself do something that would transcend nothing but good things in your mind. Try these tips on how to gain self-confidence-

  • Try setting step-by-step goals to give you something to be proud of as you achieve them one by one. Goal setting is important in every aspect of our life. 
  • Creating a checklist of goals will help you monitor your growth physically and help you visualize exactly what you have achieved.
  • It will make you feel bold and more confident as you add more achievements to the rack.
  • Using lists of goals, plans, and deadlines will help you in building a concrete base to feel good about yourself, which will help you with achieving the self-confidence that you have been looking for. 


  • Stop comparing and block negativity

There is always that person in the office who likes to brag about his achievements just to make others feel depressed. There are also those people who always love to remind you of your mistakes. The words of these people can undermine your self-confidence. Instead, try to see them as motivations. Avoid anything and everything that makes you feel bad about yourself, even if they are your best friends. Anyone who does not thank you is not worthy of it. Read books, watch movies, or listen to songs that can help you on your journey. The first time to take your path is to build self-confidence. 

  • Look confident 

They say fake it till you make it. So it is only valid that you look and behave confidently. Many people around the world are very shallow and will judge you on your appearance. But it is not because they don’t care about your inner personality but it is because your appearance reflects who you are. So, if you want to improve your confidence, put in all your efforts and practice again and again. Check out our Tips on grooming etiquette to know more about this.



Confidence, like many other desirable human qualities, is a skill that takes some patience and time to master. There is no easy way to change the way we feel about ourselves, but we need to put in all the effort. Confidence will not just help you overcome nervousness before an important presentation. Following the tips mentioned above will help you a lot on your journey to building confidence. It will give you that necessary boost of energy that you need to believe in yourself and your abilities and will free you from fear and self-doubt that may come in the way of achieving what your heart desires.

PracUp offers several courses that can help you build your confidence easily. The coaches practice one-on-one with the coachees and correct their mistakes. Book your demo session with PracUp and see what changes we can do. 

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