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Advanced English Practice Course Details

If you want to move to an above-intermediate level of proficiency in Advanced English communication skills and seek refinement in your verbal and written skills, then this course is for you. During the course of your selected plan, we will help you practice your advanced English speaking language skills so that you can begin experimenting with grammar, and new vocabulary in writing and speaking and you will be able to work on your fluency. With this plan, our coaches help you expand your understanding and build on the foundation with practice. You will practice with our experts and they will help you to make a good impression on people with your amazing English communication skills. You will be able to express yourself in a better way. This course will help you in enhancing your vocabulary and you will be able to talk confidently in front of people. All of this, on a device and time schedule of your choice.

Learn advanced communication skills online course helps you improve your proficiency and advanced English speaking with the help of one on one sessions at PracUp.

Through Advance English Speaking Course, you can achieve a range of personally set goals including,

You can set your personal goals that you want to practice with us. Some personal goals can be,

What does this English Communication Skills Course include?

We have a flexible coaching plan where you can choose from the 03 packages to practice your skills.

Packages available

  • 5-hour plan at Rs.1199 per hour 
  • 10-hour plan at Rs.1099 per hour 
  • 15-hour plan at Rs.899 per hour 

Each Purchase includes

Requirements for the course

You are comfortable describing experiences and events, and giving reasons and explanations for opinions and plans in English with minimal to no difficulty