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Business Communication

Effective Business Communication Skills

This Business communication skills course helps you develop verbal and written proficiency with a focus on your use of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, spoken and written English business communication skills in a workplace context, and your ability to deliver Effective Business Communication skills presentations for different purposes. Through this course, we practice with you to develop proficiency that could be used in professional Business writing and speaking, at your preferred time and location, all on a device of your liking. This Communication Skills course helps you to communicate effectively in a business setting as most employers look for effective communication skills in their hiring process. That is why it becomes part and parcel to deliver effective presentations. Through this course, we will practice with you to develop proficiency that you can use in professional Business writing and speaking.


Through this course, you can achieve a range of personally set goals including,

  • Deliver effective job interviews
  • Deliver informative business presentations
  • Speak in English persuasively
  • Use appropriate style and tone of writing for business purposes
  • Adapt content to purpose, context, and audience
  • Write concise situation-based emails
  • Create business documents
  • This Business Communication Skill


What does the Business Communication Skills course include?

We have a flexible coaching plan where you can choose from the 03 packages to practice your skills.


Packages available For Effective Business Communication Course

  • 5-hour plan at Rs.1599 per hour
  • 10-hour plan at Rs.1499 per hour 
  • 15-hour plan at Rs 1299 per hour 



You may also add additional time to the course. And you can do that by, 

  • Purchasing a single hour to add to the course time
  • Or  by repurchasing the course plan again


Each Purchase includes

  • One-on-One Virtual Coaching Sessions 
  • Access to Blogs on a Range of Topics
  • Access to Learning Materials Including Articles and Grammar Resources
  • Practice Material sheets/links
  • Informative Video Resources 


Requirements for the business communication course:

  • Higher Intermediate level of English proficiency in reading writing and speaking
  • You are a working professional or an individual who has previous work experience


Types of Business Communication:

Undoubtedly, effective business communication is the main key to your organization’s success as it helps you to present your ideas, making plans and proposals for the clients. We will practice with you to become good communicators so that you can talk persuasively.

Internal, Upward Communication

Internal, Downward Communication

Internal, Lateral Communication

External Communication