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This course is designed for non-native English speakers with basic knowledge of the language. We help you master the foundation of the English language with the flexibility of your time and device of your choice. This course gives you access to coaches who help you improve your English speaking skills by helping you practice your use of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, spoken, and written communication skills. Our coaches focus on understanding your needs and practicing with you while also providing practical application-based tasks followed by immediate and development-focused feedback.


Through this course, you can achieve a range of personally set goals including,

  • Use and understand a range of everyday vocabulary
  • Form a variety of simple and some complex sentences in the English language
  • Write grammatically correct sentences and phrases about familiar topics
  • Gain basic control over grammatical structures to communicate basic needs and respond to questions 


You can set your personal goals that you want to practice with us. Some personal goals can be,

  • I want to construct proper sentences in English
  • I want to easily understand when people speak in English
  • I want to learn the basics of the language (Grammar, Tenses, Punctuations, etc.)
  • I want to reduce the regional influence in my accent


What does this course include?

We have a flexible coaching plan where you can choose from the 03 packages to practice your skills.

Packages available

  • 5-hour plan at Rs.899 per hour
  • 10-hour plan at Rs.799 per hour
  • 15-hour plan at Rs.599 per hour


Each Purchase includes

  • One-on-One Virtual Coaching Sessions 
  • Access to Blogs on a Range of Topics
  • Access to Learning Materials Including Articles and Grammar Resources
  • Practice Material sheets/links
  • Informative Video Resources 


Requirements for the course

  • Knowledge of Low intermediate level of foundational English; Indian middle school English proficiency level in reading and writing    
  • Fluency in speaking English or errorless writing not mandatory  
  • You can more or less understand the context and subject when someone is talking to you in basic English
  • You can give basic personal information