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Leadership Communication

Effective Leadership Communication Skills

If you are a leader who comes across the need to motivate, inspire, and support your teammates and other people in their organization every day, this leadership communication package is for you. Our industry expert coaches will practice with you so that you can master leadership communication skills. With an emphasis on practical and application-based exercises and conversational practice, this course helps you inspire your talent to excel, showcase your managerial skills, write impactful messages, share feedback, and much more all in the comfort of a location, device, and schedule of your choice. Being a leader is a big responsibility so you can practice difficult situations with our Expert Coaches and can be better prepared for different situations. This course will help you to have impactful leadership and you will be able to handle your team effectively.                

Practice Leader Communication Skills with Experts at PracUp. This course helps you to have Effective Leader Communication Skills.


Through this Leadership communication course, you can achieve a range of personally set goals including

  • How to communicate in the situation of crisis
  • How to handle high-stakes, emotionally charged, difficult conversations with your employees, supervisors, and colleagues.
  • How to translate emotional intelligence in your speeches
  • How to use communication to build your relationships and communicate your values 
  • How to foster meaningful changes


You can set your personal goals that you want to practice with us -

  • I want to write emails/messages in an impactful manner
  • I want the way I speak to showcase my managerial presence
  • I want to provide detailed and efficient instructions to my team
  • I want to share effective feedback
  • I want to be comfortable and effective with my public speaking skills
  • I want to make communication in an online platform/meeting seamless and efficient
  • I want to build positive workplace relationships through better communication
  • I want to learn how to manage conflicts between my team members as a manager/leader
  • I want to learn how to coordinate effectively with other teams


What does this Leadership Communication skills course include?

We have a flexible coaching plan where you can choose from the 03 packages to practice your skills.

Packages available for Leadership Communication Course

  • 5-hour plan at Rs.1799 per hour
  • 10-hour plan at Rs.1699 per hour
  • 15-hour plan at Rs.1499 per hour


Each Purchase includes

  • One-on-One Virtual Coaching Sessions 
  • Access to Blogs on a Range of Topics
  • Access to Learning Materials Including Articles and Grammar Resources
  • Practice Material 
  • Informative Video Resources 


Requirements for the course

  • Higher Intermediate level of English proficiency in reading writing and speaking
  • You are a working professional or an individual who has previous work experience

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