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Imperative sentences are the sentences that give order or command. Imperatives are the verbs that are used to create imperative sentences. They are in general used to guide someone or tell them what to do.


Shut the front door


There are some things that you should remember when you use ‘Imperatives’. They are:

When you use imperatives in a sentence, you need to start the sentence with the imperative, which is the base form of the verb. 

The sentence doesn’t have to start with a subject like I, he.she.you or name.

It is always implied that the subject in the sentence is ‘you’


Forms to use ‘Imperatives’

Affirmative sentences

Base form of the word + Command/instruction

Example: Give me the book.


Negative sentence

Don’t + base form of the word + command/instruction

Example: Don’t give me the book

Various ways in which imperatives are used. Some of the common situations are as follows

To give order or command

Example: Stand straight when the national anthem is played.

.......Submit your reports before the deadline.


To give directions or instructions

Example:Take a left turn from Mahatma Phule Road.

....Add two tablespoons of soya sauce. 


To make requests  (by using ‘please’ )

Example: Please go to the market and bring vegetables.

.....Can you please help me with my homework? 


To give suggestions or advice

Example: Respect your elders.

.....Let’s go to the amusement park this weekend.


To give warning

Example: Don’t touch my mobile phone.

.....Don’t open the door when the train is moving.


To invite someone

Example: Come to my house on the weekend. 

.....Please come to the party.

Imperative verbs are verbs that create an imperative sentence. They are used in spoken as well as written English. It might seem a little tricky but solving some exercises can help in getting a better understanding of the topic.


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