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Proficiency in English communication is a prerequisite for career growth, nowadays. Regardless of factors like your academic and technical qualifications and job sector, fluency in English is a must. Unless you can speak English fluently, achieving expected growth in the job will remain a dream. Not everyone is fluent in English but the good thing is with the right methods and consistent practice, fluency can be improved manifold.


Factors that thwart people from speaking English fluently


Before fathoming the ways to boost English fluency, it is important to analyze the underlying factors that affect your proficiency in spoken English.


  • For some people, lack of fluency in English can be owing to reduced exposure to English-speaking people in the environment they are brought up in.
  • For a section of people, fluency in English is thwarted by their deep-rooted inferiority complex. They are not confident in speaking in English and apprehend making mistakes or being judged by others.
  • There are instances of people losing English fluency after spending a long time in jobs where speaking in English is not required much.
  • There are people who fare poorly in spoken English owing to a poor vocabulary. They struggle to find apt words when they try to Speak English.  


Measures to try to boost your English fluency


If you feel your English fluency is inadequate and this is thwarting your professional growth, do not worry. There are some handy measures that you can use to boost your prospects here. 


  • Observe and listen

To improve your spoken English skills, it is necessary to observe and listen to people who are good at it. Observe such friends and colleagues who speak English fluently.  Develop listening skills and check the kind of words and phrases they use. This will help you in framing your views and expressing those better. Of course, this is a time-consuming process and you cannot expect a change in your English fluency overnight. 

  • Watch English news and movies

A good way to boost your proficiency in spoken English is by watching English news and movies. This will let you avail of both entertainment and skill development at the same time! You can watch such content on TV in your spare time. Watch English movies with subtitles to get a better understanding. While watching, observe how the speakers use their tone and accent for a better understanding of listeners. This is a way to improve your English fluency but it does not fetch you results as quickly as a platform like PracUp.

  • Access online English content

If you do not get enough time to watch English content on TV, watching such content on the web is a viable alternative. On YouTube and similar online video-sharing platforms, you can find plenty of news and English movie content. Apart from that, you can check out interviews and podcasts involving people with excellent English-spoken skills. It will not only help you improve your vocabulary, but you will learn a lot of nuances of speaking English fluently. For example, you will learn the right ways to use pause when you speak. People who are good at spoken English use pauses wisely.

  • Develop confidence

Like a lot of people, a lack of confidence may hold you back from speaking English fluently. You may think too much about how making mistakes while speaking in English may make you feel embarrassed, more so in the workplace. You have to overcome this complex. On the web, you can find content on instances of people who overcame their inferiority in speaking English. To develop confidence in speaking English, you can definitely try a dedicated platform like PracUp where you can converse without the worries of being judged. 

  • Enrol in a spoken English course

This is what a majority of people with inadequate fluency in English try. Enrolling in such a course may help you in boosting your fluency in English. However, you have to find an institute where you can attend classes in your spare time. For working professionals, this can be a tad hard. Some people may find practicing spoken English in front of unknown people quite difficult. For them practicing on a tailor-made online platform like PracUp will be better suited.

  • Enhance your vocabulary using online resources

Unless your vocabulary is strong, you cannot expect to Speak English with fluency. Apart from using interactive content like videos, you can also access and use various online resources to enhance your vocabulary. You can find free and useful resources on platforms like Instagram and Facebook where you can learn new words and phrases easily. Subscribe to such channels to get access to new resources on English grammar and vocabulary, on a regular basis. 

  • Take the help of technology

To override your spoken English deficits and speak English fluently, you can resort to technological means, for sure. Here’s what you can do:


  1. You can use voice recorder apps on your mobile device or PC and record your speeches. Then, you can play back those recordings to fathom and analyze aspects like speaking speed, pauses, pitch and accent, and so on. Use headphones for better analysis and understanding, in this regard.
  2. It is prudent to make use of the digital assistants present on your smartphone or laptop. Based on the device and OS used by you, you can use digital assistants like Cortana, Alexa or Siri. These assistants can be used to simulate English conversation easily. You can ask questions and get instant answers from these apps, much like a real-life conversation. By practicing conversation with such digital assistants, you can enhance your English speaking skills. 
  3. You can use VoIP applications to converse with your friends who are native English speakers and improve your fluency in English, gradually.


  • Real-life practice

There is nothing more effective in enhancing fluency in English than practicing conversation with people who speak English fluently.  You may surely try practicing conversation with a friend or co-worker with top-notch proficiency in spoken English. However, finding such a person with enough spare time may not be easy for all. You will be able to Speak English fluently when you practice conversations with consistency. So, picking a dedicated digital platform like PracUp is a better choice. On it, you can converse with skilled coaches at your suitable time. 

  • Give presentations at the workplace

When you get a chance to give a presentation at the workplace, do not let it go! This can be a win-win situation for you. You can express and share your ideas and thoughts on work-related topics and at the same time, you get a chance to polish and improve your English fluency.  You will be speaking to your colleagues and not to some unknown people, and so you should not be affected by nervousness. Just ensure you practice giving the presentation a few times to sail through the real event.


  • Keeping an eye on reality


Enhancing your spoken English skills is a necessity for career growth, beyond doubt. However, you have to keep certain factors in mind when choosing measures to boost your proficiency in spoken English. Think of your situation well. Do you need to boost your proficiency so that you can speak English fluently soon? Or, are you okay with a method that lets you improve your spoken skills gradually? For a boost in English fluency without much delay, PracUp is a great choice. On this online platform, you can choose coaches matching your English skill level and timing.


Summing it up


Speaking English fluently is a necessity for career growth, nowadays. However, picking the apt measures to boost proficiency in English is what ammeters the most. If the regular methods leave much to be desired and you feel How to speak English fluently,  choose a dedicated platform like PracUp. On it, you can practice conversing in English with skilled coaches, matching your proficiency, as per your time. 


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