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English communication skills cannot be effective unless you are good at grammar. It is quite commonplace to come across people, including those with considerable work experience, who fare poorly at communication owing to a deficit in grammar. Your grasp of grammar will depend to an extent on your schooling and access to educational resources but there is no age for learning grammar. If you feel your grammar skills need polishing and wonder how to improve English grammar, you are not alone. This is what millions of people feel. It may take some time to boost your grammar skills but with the right method and consistency, you should be able to ace it.


How a deficit in grammar can impact your career prospects


Lacking English grammar can be detrimental to your career growth, regardless of the sector and other qualifications. 


  • It can affect your spoken and written communication skills, affecting your growth prospects in your current job. You cannot apply for overseas jobs with poor grammar, especially jobs that require you to clear global certification-based exams like IELTS.
  • With a deficit in grammar, you will feel less confident than other colleagues to participate in events like meetings and seminars. This factor makes it all the more necessary to improve English grammar.
  • You will dread interviews owing to a deficit in grammar. It may make it hard to interact properly with the interviewers.
  • A lack of proficiency in English grammar will make it hard for you to interact with customers over the phone or in–person.


How to improve English grammar effectively?


If you feel your grammar skills need improvement, it makes sense to try effective measures to boost them. There are some tried and tested measures for enhancing grammar skills. You can resort to one or many of these measures to improve English grammar.


  • Reading books and newspapers 

Reading books, magazines and newspapers can be useful in improving your grasp of English grammar and it will improve your vocabulary, too. It would be even better if you read publications related to your domain. If you do not like reading printed books and magazines or lead a hectic life, try reading online publications. A tablet or smartphone can be conveniently used for such needs. This is an effective method but it can prove to be time-consuming. For a faster way to boost grammar and vocabulary, trying a digital platform like PracUp is better.

  • Using online grammar resources 

If a prior lack of access to linguistic resources and education has resulted in weakness in grammar, do not fret. The emergence of various digital mediums is a boon for people like you. You can resort to a number of online resources to learn and improve your skill in grammar. Plenty of online resources for practising and learning grammar can be used for free. 


  1. You can try using online grammar and linguistic resources offered by educational institutions and universities.
  2. On popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you will find many groups and communities dedicated to English language learning. You can access these easily and improve your English grammar.
  3. You can find resources on learning and practicing grammar on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Consuming relevant digital content

 Not everyone is fond of reading texts for a long time or on a regular basis. If you are one of them and wonder how to improve English grammar, relax. The digital content available on various online platforms can come in handy. You may, for example, use the interviews of business icons and access podcasts relevant to your niche. Online video-sharing platforms like YouTube, and Vevo can be useful for finding and accessing such content. You can subscribe to such platforms to get updates on new relevant content as and when they become available online. 

  • Watching English news and movies

You can start watching the news in English and watch English movies, in your spare time. If you have been thinking about how to improve English grammar without feeling boredom, this can be a way out. You obtain information and entertainment while fathoming ways to construct correct English sentences using apt parts of speech. This is a good option to boost grammar skills but not as effective as a dedicated platform like PracUp.

  • Getting enrolled in a course to improve English grammar

If you are unsure about the efficacy of usual methods and feel unsure about how to improve English grammar, getting enrolled in a professional course is recommended. You will find linguistic and grammar courses aimed at working professionals. If you are in a job that leaves little time at your disposal, think of enrolling in such courses online.

  • Practicing speaking in English

Reading grammar resources and guides is helpful but without practice, you really cannot enhance grammar skills. You can try conversing in English with close friends or even co-workers when you are free. You can choose various topics to talk about, including topics relevant to your job and career. This will help you improve English grammar but the progress can be slow and maintaining regularity can be tedious, sometimes. For better output and experience, trying a versatile, tailor-made platform like PracUp is recommended.

  • Practicing speaking with skilled coaches improves English grammar

Practicing English conversation with others is beneficial for improving grammar and vocabulary but you gain the most when you converse with seasoned coaches. Wouldn't it be great if you can practice conversing in English with veteran coaches on numerous topics on a dedicated online platform, as per your suitability? That is why PracUp is there. When you try this platform, you get plenty of flexibility and picking a course as per your English skill level is possible. 

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How to improve English grammar by picking the right strategy


Now that you know there are multiple options to improve English grammar, picking the right option is necessary. While all these measures are effective and have been tried by millions of people, you need to fathom which ones suit your situation and need the best! For this, you have to focus on a few vital aspects.


  • Availability of time

 If you have enough time at your disposal to boost your skill in English grammar, trying traditional measures like reading English publications and watching the news can be useful. However, the job market is very competitive and most professionals grapple with time shortages nowadays, feeling uncertain about how to improve English grammar. If that is the case with you, picking a platform like PracUp makes complete sense.

  • Professional guidance

Boosting grammar by practicing with friends or co-workers is possible but that is not exactly the equivalent of obtaining professional guidance on the same. When you need to sharpen your linguistic skills and grammar for clearing a language-related exam or for applying for a job overseas, seeking professional guidance is a better move. You will gain by enrolling in a professional English language and grammar course but practicing with seasoned coaches online on PracUp will help you further.

  • Personalized attention

You can find many institutes offering courses on English grammar and spoken skills. However, in these courses, you may not get individual attention from the trainer and wonder how to improve English grammar effectively. There is a clear distinction between learning in a group and learning by practicing with a skilled teacher, who is attending to you only. That latter is possible when you choose a platform like PracUp.

  • Flexibility 

For some people, the main hurdle in practicing and enhancing grammar skills lies in the lack of flexibility in the chosen option. For example, you may not find friends who can converse with you at your preferred time, always. What if you want to practice conversing in English to enhance grammar and vocabulary only on the weekends or after the evening because that is when you are free! That is a reason you should opt for PracUp. On this platform, you get to choose time slots for practicing conversing with coaches at your preferred time. 


Summing it up

Boosting your skills in English grammar helps in career growth, for sure. There are many options to pick from, to improve English grammarHowever, PracUp comes across as a more effective option owing to its flexibility, versatility and efficacy. 



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