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According to Benjamin Whorf, 

"Language shapes thoughts and emotions determining one's perception of reality."

The world around is full of stories, but the narrator communicates the story to the audience. Just like in language if we communicate well, we build good relations with people. Language and communication are two different terms but, they work hand in hand collectively to deliver our information. 

Language helps us to communicate our ideas, expressions, social relationships, and feedback to people. It is a tool that helps us build bridges for our success. The effective our language is, the effective the communication is. This is how we create opportunities and relationships with the people around.


In communication, we interchange information in various forms like verbal, nonverbal, written, graphics, etc. However, on the other hand, language helps us in the process of communication. It provides us with all the tools to deliver information to the people. We all need to create great impressions to build trust and confidence in people where words play a crucial role to strengthen it. 


It is a human source of communication which helps us to exchange thoughts, feelings, disapproval, etc. As mentioned above how important the role of language is to build bridges for our success. 


Here's what we need to do:

  • Keep Reading- What better way to learn a language, then read it. The most important factor to build an effective language is apprehending. It helps us to know different words and methods to communicate.


  • Talk to people - We must have a curious mind, to know about people, see how they communicate. This will help us build a good connection with them.


  • Tone Modulation - Kindness always wins. It is suitable to maintain a good pitch while talking, make sure our voice is smooth and not confusing. Because communication only happens when the recipient will accept your message. Thus, politeness is necessary.


  • Medium is the message- Choose your medium, Language provides us with the liberty to communicate in diverse ways like talk, write, visuals etc. It is good to have a medium to communicate efficiently.


  • Punctuality and punctuations- The two P’s will help us in our journey. Using correct punctuations while writing and respecting others' time. It is of absolute importance to make a good impression over people, make sure we make a powerful one.


  • Shy or Cry- Never shy away to communicate, we have the liberty to utilize language to express ourselves. Learn to tackle self-doubts, it should never affect communication.


  • Positive approach - Using a positive language will build a long-term relationship. Remember ‘You are fat’ can be said in many other ways 1. You need to take care of your health. 2. A little exercise will keep you fit.


  • Keep it short/precise - With the help of language, we have so many words to use, rather using long sentences. Applying a perfect word will keep our communication engaging and not boring. I am so confused about what to do? (I feel ambiguous).


Remember, language influences our self-confidence. No matter what our medium is, attempting a good command in the language is the key. We can have ample of our ways to build bridges for our success with an effective language. What we only need to do is keep going and never stop exploring.



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