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n the age of such fierce competition where it is important to rise above the rest, your brand matters more than anything else. Your reputation precedes you. Today, with the advent of Social Media, you could land a new job, find mentors, or get noticed by important people, where building relationships could pay great dividends.


As Is-To Be Analysis: Before building your brand, one must do an As-Is, To-Be analysis where you analyse where you are and where you want to be, study the gaps in your CV and begin working on it.

LinkedIn Blogs: Write LinkedIn Blogs about areas and industries that interest you. This may not necessarily be the industry you are in, but the industry where you want to be. This along with using the right hashtags can help you reach people who may have opportunities for you!


Build Your Skills for the Present as well as the Future: You are what you can bring to the discussion table, identify gaps in your skillset and bridge that. After COVID-19, there is going to be an imbalance in the industry across the board. A lot of people will be looking for new opportunities, build your brand to rise above the rest and ensure job security for the future.


Give More Than You Take: Those who give generously without expecting much in return, are seldom forgotten. Provide people with tools or techniques that you may have developed for your ease.
This could help you build an Email List for future use.


Collaborate: We live in a collaborative world if you are in a position where you want to build your brand, connect with people that you look up to, invest in professional relationships and build them, show your eagerness. This will help you build your brand by association.


Active Presence: Building your brand will take patience, perseverance and consistency. Maintain an active presence across platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to grow your brand.


Build a Website: The ultimate way to build your brand when you have an in-demand offering is to build a website with the domain name as your name or a moniker of choice, this should host testimonials and reviews as well as your content. This will provide much-needed legitimacy to you.


In conclusion, there could be many ways one could go about it. See where you stand and build your strengths. There is no ‘formula’ to personal branding, it needs to be tailored to your own needs and comfort level. Different methods work for different people. Our interventions at People North are tailored to your needs, to help you discover yourself, and build your brand.


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